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What’s Platoon

Platoon is a Multi-GPU mini-framework for Theano, that can be found in github.

I’m one of the developers of Platoon. The current usable version is in this branch.


Always importing Platoon-related components BEFORE importing Theano

Some possible errors

Primary job  terminated normally, but 1 process returned
a non-zero exit code.. Per user-direction, the job has been aborted.
[nmyjs_104_37:61137] [[50303,0],0] usock_peer_send_blocking: send() to socket 33 failed: Broken pipe (32)
[nmyjs_104_37:61137] [[50303,0],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Unreachable in file oob_usock_connection.c at line 315
[nmyjs_104_37:61137] [[50303,0],0]-[[50303,1],1] usock_peer_accept: usock_peer_send_connect_ack failed
mpirun detected that one or more processes exited with non-zero status, thus causing
the job to be terminated. The first process to do so was:

  Process name: [[50303,1],0]
  Exit code:    4
## Multi-node Controllers terminated with return code: 4.

This error is strange, as it doesn’t appear every time. Experimental results show that, if we start the jobs from a relatively free or low-pressure machine, the error rarely shows.


  1. Testing the current codes to ensure stability
  2. More details in README and more examples.
  3. Merging the dev branch to master after tests done

Published: March 29 2017

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